Frequently Asked Questions


Does Bitcoin Butlers ever have possession of any of my funds or Bitcoin?

No. We do not ever take possession of any funds or Bitcoin. We will help guide you through the purchasing process and the storage process, but at no time are we ever in possession of either funds or Bitcoin.


Why do I need Bitcoin Butlers? Can’t I just open an account on my phone and buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin in small amounts is very easy and you can easily download an app, create and account and buy Bitcoin in about 5 minutes. However, buying with a lower spot price, with reduced transaction fees and securely moving the Bitcoin off the exchange is far more complex and our clients benefit from our expertise and industry connections.


Why do I need inheritance planning if I already have a will?

Providing your heirs to access to your funds is much different than if you have funds in a bank or a traditional brokerage. The secure storage solutions for Bitcoin need significantly more planning to ensure that your heirs will not only have access, but the appropriate control of those funds.


Why do you only support Bitcoin? What about the other cryptocurrencies I have heard about?

Bitcoin is a very different asset from anything else in existence. While other well-known crypto platforms such as Ethereum, Binance, Cardano and Chainlink offer certain opportunities and benefits, there is currently no multi-sig storage solution available for them. Therefore, we cannot help with a storage system that meets our qualifications.


Do you help with any of the alt coins such as Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, etc.?

We do not provide our full range of services with any of the alt coins as our primary focus is on Bitcoin. However, in conjunction with our Bitcoin-related services we will be happy to provide guidance on how to securely store alt coins outside of an exchange and integrate them into your inheritance plan.


Why do I need to move my Bitcoin off of the exchanges?

There is a saying in Bitcoin, “Not your keys, not your Bitcoin”, we help you move your funds off of the exchanges. We will help you put a security plan in place to safely hold your own bitcoin. If you do not get help from Bitcoin Butlers with this critical step, please get help elsewhere.


Can you give me some free advice?

Purchase your Bitcoin from a reputable exchange, transfer them to secure storage as fast as possible and make sure you have a will and a strong inheritance plan in place to ensure an intergenerational transfer of your assets.


How can I trust Bitcoin Butlers?

There is a saying in the Bitcoin world, “Don’t Trust. Verify”. We encourage our clients to take the advice they get from us and spend some time confirming that they have the optimal pieces and services in place for their needs. What we hope to do is take the hundreds of hours that we have spent learning and researching how to best protect our own families and pass that knowledge onto our clients, and since we charge a flat fee regardless of your portfolio size, we are incentivized only to help you find the best solutions for your needs.

What We Do


We are not brokers, but we have extensive knowledge of the major exchanges.


Bitcoin is a digital bearer asset that requires a rigorous approach to secure storage.


We believe that bitcoin is a multi-generational asset that should be treated as such.


A self-directed IRA/LLC is a great way to hold bitcoin inside of a retirement account.